Face the music

Face the music

December 8, 2016

Returning artist shares photojournalism stories

Alona Jenkins, Guest Writer

February 29, 2016

When people hear gunshots, their first reaction is to run in fear of their life. But for Wiley Price, award-winning photographer, a gunshot is just another great opportunity for a photo. “I’m trying to figure out out who...

Delmar Loop struggles

Julian Albright, Guest Writer

February 29, 2016

As businesses struggle, the Loop is not the same place that it has been in the past. In the past year, a number of stores and restaurants have closed in the Loop due to less business, an increase in rent in a lot of spaces,...

Second violinist Sarah Garner, freshman, plays in her first high school orchestra concert. Garner has been playing the violin since sixth grade. Her favorite song they performed was the theme song to the popular British show, “Downton Abbey.” “This was my favorite piece because it had a beautiful melody,” said Garner. “The first violins started with the melody and then the seconds came in followed by the cellos. It made a beautiful sound.

That’s entertainment!

January 7, 2016

Seoul Taco began as a taco truck which was dismantled and now hangs on the wall in the restaurant. They now have another food truck and a brick and mortar restaurant in Columbia, MO.

Seoul Taco in the Loop

November 11, 2015

Free things to do in St. Louis

Tave Hollins, Staff Writer

October 26, 2015

As a highschool student, financial stability is difficult to achieve. However, St. Louis makes it easy for students to find things to do on the weekend, with free attractions such as the Zoo, the Art Museum and Muny. But there...

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