Movie Review: Baggage Claim

Brooklyn Bass, Staff Writer

November 22, 2013

Genre: Comedy Rating: PG-13 1hr 36min If one is need of a variety of chocolate eye candy, Baggage Claim is a definite source. In other words, the film features some of the prettiest black faces of Hollywood --Paula Patton...

Returning Artist

Returning Artist

March 27, 2013

New Orleans: Cultural Exchange on the Mississippi

February 25, 2013

University City High School is hosting a celebration at 10:26 a.m. Feb. 26 in the auditorium. The program’s theme is New Orleans: Cultural Exchange on the Mississippi. It will feature the performance of an original poem by Cassandr...

U. City Arts Night

U. City Arts Night

April 26, 2012

Interview With Mr. Propst

Interview With Mr. Propst

October 27, 2011

Entertainment page answers

February 10, 2011

Word scramble answers: 1. Cuisine 2. Atomic 3. Scalpal 4. Charter Final answer: Coral music Word Chain one: 1. Chicken salad 2. Salad dressing 3. Dressing room 4. Room service 5. Service station 6. Station wagon Word...

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