New swimmers make a splash


Kathryn Fuller, Co-Editor

The swim team dove into a new season with more than double the amount of girls that were on the team last year. The previous year, six girls were on the swim team and this year there are 15.

Emma McMahon, freshman, is one of the new additions to the team.

“I wanted to do a winter sport,” said McMahon. “It’s really good exercise.”

Others, like Brandi Redmond, junior, are returning swimmers who encouraged their friends to join the team to increase the amount of people.

“At first, a few girls were going to join and then my other friends wanted to join so I could spend quality time with them,” said Redmond.

Redmond plays field hockey in the fall and her coach encourages all the girls who play to participate in a sport during the off-season.

“Six girls from field hockey came to the swim team this year,” said Redmond.
For Redmond, joining the swim twin was a positive decision.

“I really like swimming,” said Redmond. “It’s relaxing.”

Redmond believes that the girls on the team are much more dedicated than last year.

“There’s more people showing up for practice,” said Redmond. “There is more enthusiasm.”

Last year, the swim team had an ongoing struggle of producing enough people to partake in multiple events at swim meets.

“With a smaller team, it was kind of hard because if one of us was sick, it was harder to do the relay,” said Ericah Brown, senior. “Since we only had so many people, we couldn’t participate in as many events as a team.”

Brown, who has been on the team since her freshman year, is looking forward to the future of the swim team.

Brown said, “It makes me really happy because I know when I leave, there will still be younger students on the team.”