Student Summit on Race school swap

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Student Summit on Race school swap

Payton Bass, Web Editor

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On Jan. 14, Fox, and Ritenour high school came to UCHS for a school swap– participating in the three-way partnership cultivated between the schools at Student Summit on Race. The school swap intended to give students of different socioeconomic backgrounds a taste of other socioeconomic backgrounds, thus breaking down barriers in the St. Louis area. The school swap succeeded in its intentions. Students from Fox, and Ritenour saw how things weren’t all too different at the predominantly black school of UCHS.

“I think it made them realize their preconceived ideas of U. City, and it made them understand that U. City is not necessarily the media portrayal,” said Hannah Fuller, junior.

At the end of the swap the students discussed and formulated a community service group project that they’d do in the upcoming months, over Jimmy Johns for lunch.

“We’re working on cleaning up a cemetery, and hopefully learning about the history on it and celebrating the significance of the black history to it,” said Fuller.


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