Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

Diamond Smith, Guest writer

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Gun control is not the issue, it’s the people with the guns that are the issue. Making people feel better about their lives can prevent school violence. We need to fix how we communicate. Therefore, guns are truly not the issue in today’s society, it’s the people who have the guns. Gun control laws should be stricter to prevent the next school shooting, the next church massacre, and the next Facebook murder. Gun control laws should prevent people with mental illnesses, or or other mental impairments from getting guns. As a whole, in order to prevent these sad murders we have to show respect for those who are bullied, be kind to our friends and neighbors and never take a simple thing, such as a break up, to the next level. According to CNN News, acts of kindness and generosity can reduce the amount of tension within students in a school environment.

As a teen in high school, we have a lot of social issues. Just now making friends, trying to hang onto good grades and remaining stable at home can have a negative effect on our lives. Being bullied by the so called ‘’cool’’ kids will only add to a person’s long list of issues. Consider being the nerdy kid with only two friends who is currently being bullied by a preppy football player, being pushed around, called names, and laughed at by many more of his friends. How would you feel? You would be overwhelmed with negative feelings which can cause you to act negatively and resort to posible gun violence.

As a community we should show simple kindness, express genuine love towards others and encourage good feelings. We can do this by stopping bullies, helping those nerdy kids make friends and we can even invite the school nerd to the next house party. CNN also states that showing sympathy towards bullied children and offering helping hands can make outcasts feel like they have a purpose in their school environment. Not only should gun laws be stricter, but we should come together and realize how similar we are. Bullying should not be tolerated, violence should not be tolerated and hatred towards others should not be tolerated.