Chance the Rapper’s “Owbum,” for the fans or a message for his wife?

Khloe' Fox, Staff Writer

You’re watching “Why did I get Married?’ and the beautiful moment comes where Patricia professes how much she loves her husband Gavin, “I love you more than all the words, in the books, in the world,” she says. Who could come close to something so beautiful? Chance the Rapper tries in his new “owbum,” The Big Day” released July 26 as a tribute to his newlywed, Kirsten Corley. Before the release, Chance gave his fans a little teaser in February by posting a video on Instagram showing some of his most heartwarming moments with his wife. While playing songs from his new album, this put his fans on the edge of their seats for wondering what he had in store for them. 

The Chicago native rapper career took a giant spike in numbers and supporters when he put out the mixtape “10 day,” and from then on everyone knew who the guy wearing a number three hat was. The next two albums he drops, “Acid Rap” and Grammy-winning “The Coloring Book” are what his fans consider to be his best work. So, the 26-year-old had a lot of weight on his shoulders to deliver something that’s as good or hopefully better than his past albums. Sadly, most of his fans didn’t enjoy his “owbum” that tells the story of how he met his wife, his emotions during his wedding, “The Big Day” and his past love of dancing. Some reviewers say that it was mostly “quantity over quality” and it’s inconsistent with nothing truly tying the whole album together giving it an overarching theme. 

According to, some songs from the album  have been added to people’s playlists1. The top-ranking song is “All Day Long” featuring John Legend with Chance’s nostalgic entrance, “And we back” followed by a catchy hook that makes you want to jump up and dance no matter the location. In third place is “Do You Remember?” featuring Death Cab for Cutie which is Chance diving even deeper and giving another song that tells about his childhood in Chicago. “Handsome” featuring Megan Thee Stallion is the three-minute song that caught people’s attention with its vibey instrumental and the featured from up and rising star Megan everyone’s favorite hot girl took fifth place. It ends up that the songs with collaborations between Chance and another famous artist topped the playlists. Overall, even though Chance’s “owbum” wasn’t what the world expected from him and didn’t turn out to be the hit that was wanted its true purpose was something more. Yes, he put out the album for the entire world to hear, truly this was Chance’s way of telling his wife how much he loves her since the first time they met as children. It was something different and it was his way of telling Kristen, “I love you more than all the words, in the books, in the world.” Instead of bashing it we should be happy that he shared something so personal with the world.