Student feedback: positive

I feel like majority of teachers have been understanding of our struggles during these times…I am very appreciative of that.”

— Merrick Hoel

I liked the freedom and the independent of distance learning. Gives me time to work in an environment that is comfortable to me.”

— Zakiya Glenn

Most teachers genuinely enjoy and encourage interaction and participation from their students. They are always willing to work with you and can be as flexible as needed when you communicate.”

— Josh Rhiney

I enjoyed the freedom that we had to an extent, having Wednesday’s off to do work and allowing for students to complete and do work whenever works best for them for the most part.”

— Stella Cordes

I enjoy not having to get up as early. I’m more functional and feel better overall when my morning doesn’t have to start so early.”

— Mia Klohr

I can definitely voice concerns to my teachers; they’ve all made it clear that they’re open to feedback.”

— John Ruland

I enjoyed being able to eat lunch at home, spend time with my family, and cuddle with my dog in between classes.”

— Emma Scharff