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Orchestra class evolves with distance learning
Alara Stewart, Staff Writer • November 17, 2020

Imagine playing in a musical ensemble without being able to hear the rest of the instruments. Thanks to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, students in orchestra don’t have to imagine this...

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Trump’s opposition to mail-in voting baseless
Reilley Farrar, Staff Writer • October 20, 2020

Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has spewed more than his fair share of lies and hate. According to the Washington Post, the president has “made more than 20,000...

Fans gather to honor Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant after a deadly plane crash on Jan. 26.
St. Louis mourns death of NBA great Kobe Bryant with vigil
Eliot Fuller, Co-Editor • February 4, 2020

When I first saw the Instagram post about the downtown vigil on Jan. 27 for Kobe Bryant, I was skeptical of its legitimacy and didn’t expect a large turnout, considering...

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Students stage protest in support of Black Lives Matter
Albert Smith, Assistant Editor • October 20, 2020

While racial tensions heightened over the summer as a result of the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, young black men and women became increasingly tired of the...

A tale of two rallies
A tale of two rallies
Eliot Fuller, Co-Editor • March 11, 2020

Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both stopped by St. Louis ahead of the Missouri primary, which was held on March 10. In the days leading up...

Who are those people handing out chips at school every Wednesday morning?
Marley Gardner, Staff Writer • March 5, 2020

Whether it’s for free chips, donuts, or spiritual guidance, almost every U. City student has had some sort of interaction with Young Life, but few are really educated on...

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American Murder: The Family Next Door mystery surprises viewers
Isabelle Braeske, Staff Writer • October 27, 2020

The true story, “American Murder Story,” is a documetary about the sudden disappearance of Shannon Watts in the suburbs of Fredrick, Colorado. This mysterious, bone chilling...

Joji’s 'Nectar' shows growth as an artist
Zion Smith, Staff Writer • October 26, 2020

The medium of romance is often considered overplayed. It’s something everyone will experience in their lifetime, giving way to many different interpretations of what exactly...

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