2020-2021 Staff

Ian Feld


This is my third year on the newspaper staff and my first as sole editor. Last year I gained a lot of experience in putting together a newspaper, and even though this school year is bound to be drastically...

Albert Smith

Assistant Editor

I decided to take newspaper because I really enjoy yearbook and because why not? I really like to write and a lot of my social skills come in really handy in this class. Honestly, it was a match made in...

Sasha Albright

Web Editor

Hi my name is Sasha Albright and I am a sophomore. This year is my second being on the U-Times staff. I joined the newspaper staff second semester last year when Mrs. Williams gave me the chance. I had a lot...

Reilley Farrar

Staff Writer

I’m Reilley Farrar and I’m a sophomore. This is my first year on the newspaper staff and I’m excited to see what it has in store. I decided to take Newspaper this year because I enjoy writing an...

Madelaine Province

Staff Writer

My name is Madelaine Province and I’m a freshman. This is my first year on the U-Times staff. I signed up for Intro to Journalism this year, but because of all of the weirdness with online school, I w...

Zofia Reed

Staff Writer

My name is Zofia Reed and I’m a sophomore. I wanted to do Newspaper because I thought of it as fun. I also wanted to deliver news and drama. If I'm not doing something for school, I’m either playing...

Xavier Thomas

Staff Writer

I took Newspaper because I want to be a photographer. I always wanted to take a Newspaper class since I was in 7th grade. Another passion in my life is to be a youtuber because I can use a camera and ...

Alara Stewart

Staff Writer

I’m a sophomore and this is my first year on the U-Times staff. I decided to join Newspaper this year because I’d like to pursue a career in journalism, or at least improve my writing skills for the nea...

Zion Smith

Staff Writer

My name is Zion Smith. I’m a senior and my hobbies include writing poetry, skateboarding, cooking and making music. I joined Newspaper because I thought the class would enhance my writing skills and...

Isabelle Braeske

Staff Writer

My name is Isabelle Braeske. This is my first year in newspaper, I joined mostly for fun but also because I enjoy writing. I'm very excited to see behind the scenes of the newspaper and what we do this y...

Nasra Artan

Staff Writer

My name is Nasra Artan, I am a sophomore. I originally wanted to do Intro to Journalism, but ended up in Newspaper class. I think Newspaper will help me better myself as a writer just as much as journa...

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