Students exceed expectations at St. Louis Suburban Honors Choir

Eliot Fuller, Web editor

Fourteen singers auditioned on Oct. 6 for the St. Louis Suburban Honor Choirs and 11 of the singers made it in.

According to Caroline Ibnabdeljalil, choir director, students had to prepare a classical music selection, and identify all 14 major key signatures. They also had to perform two sight reading selections (never before seen piece of music). In addition, this year, the Suburban Honor Choir committee decided to eliminate one of the honor choirs, making the competition even harder. There will be no 9th or 10th grade honor choir at the festival, so all grades competed against each other for a spot.

Nicole Holahan, senior, was one of the 11 singers selected.

“I was really nervous because it was my first year competing,” Holahan said. “But luckily, it ended up going great.”

The festival will be held at Pattonville High School on Nov. 3.  

Listed below are the students who auditioned and were chosen.



Nicole Holahan

D’Avion Reed

Ali Mitchell


Phoebe Thoroughman

Biyedji Frango

Kayla Harris

Linsey Sparks

Lydia Thoroughman


Marquess Pearson

Cory Barber


Reuben Thomas