Seniors mourn the loss of final spring sports season

Grace Klein, Web Editor

As the coronavirus pandemic worsens in the U.S., thousands of seniors in high school who are athletes find themselves dealing with the reality of an abrupt ending to their high school athletic career. As one of the many who are dealing with this loss, I know firsthand the pain of knowing that I will never compete again. 

I began my competitive running career in middle school and the rest is history. Ever since then, I have dedicated a majority of my time to this sport and I wouldn’t take back a minute of it. Some of my fondest friendships were formed from both cross country and track; now I am coming to terms with the realization of never having that last race or practice together. 

Amidst all the chaos and loss, the cancellation of high school sports might seem–to many people– like an insignificant sacrifice to make, and when put into perspective may be true; however, seniors losing that final chance to run at a state or national meet, will never lose its significance to them. 

For most of us, no matter what sport, we have put in a significant amount of work leading up to our senior sport season, and to have that taken away in a blink of an eye cannot be put into words.  No final goodbye or send off. Everything over in a short moment, without any notice.

This was supposed to be our year. One last time to walk the field with our teammates, and the chance to get the closure we deserve and have worked so hard for. It is a heartbreaking situation all around and is most likely felt by almost every high school senior athlete in the country.