TV show review: “Dating While Naked”

Brooklyn Bass, Staff Writer

Usually when preparing for a first date, hours may be spent on the perfect hairstyle or outfit. For the typical boy, the most impressive ensemble might include the perfect pair of sneakers, and for the typical girl, it might be the best little black dress she has in her closet. However, what happens when instead of going on the date fully clothed, the expectation is to be completely nude? Nonetheless, VH1’s newest show, “Dating While Naked,” sheds light on the peculiar scenario. In each episode, each experience varies. The show is very revealing of the fact that whether nude or clothed, some of the aspects of dating still remain the same.

An ordinary show of “Naked” begins with the host, Amy Paffrath, introducing the two featured individuals of the show on a luxurious, lush island. Both individuals begin the process fully clothed. They then come to know that they will have three nude dates during the course of the episode and that by the end of the process, they should be able to pick which individual they had the most connection with–in hopes to pursue a relationship off the island. Predictably, the first date they have is with each other. Then, both individuals go off to undress.

The experience is obviously very awkward for the subjects on the show, but also the viewer. In fact, the audience is suspended in some sort of confusion of whether watching the show is short of watching pornography or not. Of course there is not much sexual going on in the show. However, some of the dates included yoga. Awkward positioning of nude bodies on cable television inevitably equals awkwardness for the viewer.

Watching the show is very telling of how clothing may be a possible barrier in attempting to get to know someone. In each episode, it seems that once the nude individuals got comfortable with each other’s nudity, they were more inclined to be more honest with one another.

Nevertheless, dating nude does create its own obstacles. Some people on the show were unable to look past the physical aspect of the date and spent the entire time attempting an encounter in the bedroom instead of getting to know their date.

Altogether, the show is rather fascinating. Throughout the time watching it, one can only imagine the reactions that may come from a personal experience. Still, it becomes very clear very early in the show that the program is VH1’s grand attempt to gather more attention and even higher ratings. They are the makers of “Love & Hip-Hop.” For them, a good ol’ dating show is never enough.