‘A Walk with Martin’ inspires paintings

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‘A Walk with Martin’ inspires paintings

Kathryn Fuller, Co-Editor

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day to celebrate and remember the legacy MLK left behind. Along with district music students, orchestra and band students, Marnie Claunch’s 3rd period Pre AP Studio Art class participated in creating artwork for the annual MLK day celebration, “A Walk With Martin.” The art was displayed in the front of the building during the celebration on Jan. 12.

To represent his impact on the world, students spent two weeks creating images of King. “With it being Pre-AP, they are taking techniques and methods that they’ve learned and they’ve created their own project based on how they want to show a celebration of MLK.”

Shu’Ray Butler, junior, chose to paint Martin Luther King Jr. when he was a child.

“Nobody really talks about him as a child and he’s like a father figure so we thought it would be cool to paint him as a kid,” Butler said.

The artwork was displayed in the main hallway as people walked into the auditorium for the celebration.

“It makes me feel kind of excited [that people are looking at my work], but it also makes me feel kind of nervous,” Butler said.

For Anaiah Easley, recognition for her artwork is a big deal considering she’s only a sophomore.

“I’m honored,” Easley said. “It’s a very nice experience since we’re sophomores and we’re going to have our paintings looked at.”

Claunch hopes that the artwork will have an impact on people who came to the celebration.

“I hope that when people come, they will be inspired by their work,” Claunch said.

Destiny Martin, senior, who is enrolled in the AP Studio Art class, created the image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that was used on flyers put up around schools and posted on the school district’s website and Facebook page.

“The drawing was for an assignment and I decided to draw it on my iPad and then Ms. Claunch really liked it and sent it to the district,” Martin said.

Martin created the image on an app called Procreate on her iPad in just three hours and forty-five minutes. Martin even received praise from the district for her artwork.

“I got recognized for it at a U. City board meeting,” Martin said.