Alumni returns to share college experience

Lucinda Costello-Kumfer, Guest Writer

    City has very passionate alumni, who are committed to engaging with the community. On Tuesday, Nov. 22, Gunnar Wurst, class of 2020, came to talk to students about mining engineering. 

    “Coming back seeing a lot of the classes that have been made and like seeing the kids that have been in these presentations, it’s definitely grown a lot more,” Wurst said. “I’ve definitely been able to open my mind a lot more with the experiences I’ve had from U. City.”

    For a lot of students, this was a very beneficial experience.

    “The presentation was very inspiring, and it motivated me to get through high school to be able to get to college and partake in cool stuff like that,” Andrew Holahan, junior, said.

    Michael Dorsey, math and robotics teacher, felt Wurst provided relevant information for students. 

    “He had a whole lot of information, and he talked about how you learn how to blow stuff up, so that can be kind of interesting,” Dorsey said. “He also gave an overview of different kinds of programs that are available that are offered at SNT.”

    This event even inspired students to explore another type of engineering.

    “I think that if I was going to change the field I’d go into, that would probably be in like the top five,” Brady Klohr, junior, said.