Students explode with spirit at surprise pep assembly


Lucy Wurst, co-editor

Students filed into the auditorium on Aug. 19, decked out in black and gold, ready for the surprise pep assembly which was organized by the school’s student leader.

Strobe lights began flashing on the stage and the cheerleaders came out with the band and began doing their performances. The curtain opened to reveal the football team, which earned an applause from the crowd.The microphone was given to the football team and they yelled out different cheers to pump up the crowd.

“Come out this Saturday to show your support,” said Traveon Johnson, junior. “ You know what time it is. It’s U time!”

The microphone was handed off to Isaiah Watson, Treasurer on Council and Class , who began throwing out T-shirts to the crowd and yelling out the different class year, which earned bigger reactions for the crowd for each year. Then Susan Hill, principal, came out on the stage and delivered her brief speech.

“This pep assembly is a way for all of us to come together and celebrate on this Friday afternoon,” said Hill.

The pep assembly ended with a performance by the cheerleaders. All of the students and staff that had been involved in the pep rally came out and received many cheers while loud music played in order to pump up the crowd. Students were dismissed after a motivating speech from Sharoncia L. Hardin-Bartley, superintendent.

“I just want to say that I’m very excited about the school year and to hear about your dreams and goals,” said Hardin-Bartley. “I’m excited to be your superintendent and I’m here for you and to work for you. Let’s make this a good year.”

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photos by Kaya Blount and Destiny Moore