Lions win big at Homecoming, 56-6


Chance Pinkston

To keep the lead, Carleton Thomas, senior, tires to outrun Clayton defense. ” We played as a team and didn’t bring our teammates down when they made mistakes,” Thomas said.

Chance Pinkston, Staff Writer

After a morning of on and off, the Lions took to the football field to face off with the Clayton Greyhounds for their Homecoming game. The rain  created muddy field conditions, causing players to slip, slide and risk injury when they started playing. Even with the bad conditions, the crowd got what they came for: a big win.

“I wanted to put on a show for my people,” Joshua Allen-Wilson, senior middle linebacker, said. “ I wanted to go out with a bang.”

Within the first 10 minutes, the Lions jumped ahead with a 12-point lead and throughout the second quarter, the Lions continued to hammer the Greyhounds, upping the score to 20 -0.

The team hustled off the field at half-time and headed into the locker room for the pep talk..

Carter Lemen, senior, has been with the program for four years, and was ecstatic about the team during halftime.

“It was positive because we were in the lead, we were up 20-0 and the team morale was high,” Lemen said. “The team chemistry was probably the best it’s been all year.”

After the Lions took the field, ready for the second half, Tyler Jackson, senior wide receiver, pointed to the sideline and made a bold statement.

“I’m about to take this to the crib,” Jackson said.

In the third quarter with the team chemistry at an all time high, but the Greyhounds finally scored their first touchdown, but didn’t make the extra point. The Lions continued to dominate and  jumped out to a 36-point lead, making the score 42-6. Jacardion French, senior cornerback, collected his third interception in the last couple of minutes of the quarter. French felt at home knowing the crowd was such a big support system.

“It made me feel good having the support from the fans,” French said. “The support that we should have always had.”

As the final seconds counted down on the clock, the Lions began to celebrate their 56-6 victory over the Greyhounds. The Lions ran off the field and joined the crowd in celebration.

“When I heard the band playing it made me wanna kick it with them,” Allen-Wilson said.