Gay Straight Alliance promotes tolerance

Leah Booker

January 26, 2011

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“Gay is not a synonym for stupid,” says one of the posters in the halls of U. City. This isn’t only on a poster but also it’s one of the most important statements the Gay Straight Alliance advocates for. “GSA existed...

Dancers kick off a great Kinesis Concert

Leah Booker

January 5, 2011

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“I have been trying to get some sleep, I practice a lot even though sometimes I don’t get the dances, I still try to manage to put my best forward,” said senior Latonya McPherson. All of that hard work paid off when the...

What is College Bound?

William Mitchell

January 3, 2011

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Out of the entire U.City gradating class of 2009 one hundred percent of the students earned admission to four year colleges and universities. College Bound is a program that assists students who are the first in their family to...

Penny Pinchers Raise Money for children’s hospital

Julian Johnson

December 15, 2010

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To show their good will and competitive side, U. City faculty and students during the week of Nov. 15 participated in a penny pincher fundraiser. StuCo held a Penny Pinch to raise money to donate to St. Louis Children’s Hospital....

Food drive helps fight hunger

Kevin Luber

December 14, 2010

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On November 20th, 50 people went to the U. City fire station off of Delmar to help fight hunger in the community. With some of the volunteers showing up at 8 a.m., the day was off to a bang. Cars full of food started to pull up...

Jazz Band tours U. City Elementary Schools

Ethan Farber

December 14, 2010

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Classrooms were emptied November 23 as schools across the district filed into their auditoriums.  There they swung their hips and tapped their feet.  The U. City Jazz Band was on tour. In one day, the band played at Brittany...

Career Fair prepares students for their Futures

Matthew Russell

November 23, 2010

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The Gym was transformed into a land of future job opportunities on Nov. 16 with more than forty different businesses, trade groups and schools. Students received a valuable glimpse into their prospective futures. “The career...

Sweeny Todd offers a clean-cut scare

Mathew Robinson

November 10, 2010

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“Sweeny Todd and the String of Pearls” came out of nowhere as the final choice for the fall play, beating out “Frankenstein” and Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians”. “The students committee picked it,” said Mr. Pro...

Students celebrate Spirit Week with style

Evian Brooks

November 10, 2010

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Beyonce, Chaka Khan, Black Eyed Peas and Snoop Dogg, helped students kick off Spirit Week on Celebrity Day. On Monday, students dressed as their favorite celebrity, including fictional “celebrities” such as Barbie, Waldo, a...

Cultures Coexist

Dominic D’Agrosa and India Albritton

November 3, 2010

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Diversity is a word many of us know at U.City and it truly reflects our school. Many classes are filled with students that are all sorts of different religions and have unique cultural backgrounds. Some people’s religious...

The Battle of the Gluttons

William Mitchell

October 27, 2010

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Digesting as quickly as they could, students gulped down Jumbo Marshmallows during lunch for the title of food eating champ of their lunch. On October 8 during A, B, and C lunch in the cafeteria the student counsel held the first...

Spirit Day

October 19, 2010

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