Certamen at SLUH


Carl Sechrist, Web Editor

Last Wednesday, several students traveled to SLUH after school let out to compete in a Latin trivia contest called Certamen. The game is played using teams of two to five members who buzz in on toss up questions, and are then allowed to collaborate on two bonus questions of they get the toss up correct.

This competition was organized as a practice for the statewide contest held every year at the Missouri Junior Classical League convention in Columbia. After taking a job at SLUH last year, former U. City Latin teacher Ms. Ice wanted a way to stay connected with her former students, who had won MOJCL Certamen the previous year. Shortly after the school year began, Ice set up the first of the monthly meetings.

Although the classrooms here would offer more room for competition, “It’s easier for us to go there,” U. City teacher Ms. Whinney said. Last week, the Advanced team, composed of seniors Ethan Farber, Anna Soifer, and Daniel Politte attended, along with sophomore Henry Braeske. Several members from the Latin Club were also in attendance to cheer them on.

Although SLUH beat U. City by 20 points in the advanced round, “[the] teams were evenly matched,” and “everyone had a lot of fun,” Whinney said.