Festive light shows brighten holidays

Alara Stewart, Co Editor-In-Chief


Hundreds of people bundle up and wait in line throughout the holiday season to experience the winter lights of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Anheuser-Busch and many more holiday lights events in St. Louis. As you enter these venues, the lights glow and gleam, giving people a glimpse of the winter wonderland they will soon encounter as little kids dance and run up and down the line with excitement.

Walking through the entrance, the Botanical Gardens begins with a huge Christmas tree that lights up with different colors and patterns. Similarly, Anheuser-Busch greets its guests with a large Christmas tree, however it illuminates different images including Rudolph, Santa Claus and several shifting patterns.

The events were intricately designed to display a range of colors and interesting shapes, along with using technology to create several short light shows; one of them being a small clip of a dancing Christmas tree and prancing reindeer showcased on the lights of a Christmas tree at Anheuser Busch.

“The lights were amazing, you could tell a lot of effort was put into the design and execution,” Mouhamed Ly, junior, said.

From the clock tower that was framed with classic Christmas lights at Anheuser-Busch to the pathways decorated with colorful arches at the Botanical Gardens, both events welcomed large audiences that were enchanted by the lights, while large groups asked for their pictures to be taken, and children gasped while pointing at the huge tree lit up to its highest branches. 

 “I’ve never been to a holiday light show,” Mecca Champion, junior, said. “It was really beautiful and it felt like I was in a Hallmark movie.” 

The Botanical Gardens took about an hour and a half to tour while Anheuser Busch took an hour. 

“It was a really wonderful experience, especially getting to go with my friends,” Champion said. “Drinking hot chocolate, laughing with them, and looking at the lights was a great way to transition into the holidays.” 

The Garden Glow at the Botanical Garden runs now through Jan. 8, and tickets are $20. The Brewery Lights tour at Anheuser Busch is available now through Dec. 30 and costs $5 for individuals under 21 years old and $10 for those over 21.