Food in the Lou


Daniel Pomerantz , Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a hearty, delicious, well-cooked burger, Layla is the perfect spot. Everything about this restaurant is appealing and welcoming. Whether it’s the kind staff, the hipster art, or the comforting food, this local burger joint never fails to make the customer feel at home. I ordered the “Standard” burger, but there’s nothing standard about it. It starts with a classic beef patty topped with cheddar cheese and romaine lettuce. Pretty standard right? But here’s the twist; sumac onions and chartreuse pickles are added to create a unique, sour take on a classic burger. All the burgers and sandwiches come with a choice of side; I chose the fries, which were crispy and delicious. I also ordered the crispy kale as an appetizer, which to my delight, came very quickly prior to ordering my main dish. The kale is flash fried, and seasoned with lemon juice; it felt rewarding to eat such a healthy vegetable that actually tastes good. Layla provides coziness and satisfying cuisine, all for a relatively good price, with entrees from


4317 Manchester Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110