Home Alone

Regina Artison, Guest Writer

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Older siblings are one of the best resources in people’s lives. Siblings often give advice to younger siblings, which helps them solve problems. However, when those siblings move out and go to college, your whole sibling relationship could change. According to high school students Z’hane Watson, Aniya Kendrick, Destini Gravely and Tyra Gipson, siblings moving out isn’t an entirely bad thing: there are some advantages.

“I have been the only child at home for five years now,” said Gipson. “I like the fact that I don’t have to share a bathroom or bedroom space. I also like that I don’t have to share the TV all the time. But the bad thing is I don’t have anyone that I trust as much to talk to about my problems.”

Gipson doesn’t put her trust in anyone but her big sister. Moreover, after siblings leave for college a teenager may have to do certain things in the house that she may not like.

“I’ve been home [alone] for 6 months,” said Watson. “I already hate it, but at some times it could be good. Like, I hate having to clean the house alone. But, in the end, I get more clothes, money, shoes and freedom. And to me, it’s kind of hard to adjust to this life [of not having my big brother there for me].”

One may have to clean or do other things around the house that they are not used to, but in the end, there is a reward. However, this situation does beg the question: when your siblings come home to visit, do they still acknowledge the house rules?

“My brother comes home on holidays or on his breaks,” said Gravely. “When he does come home, he acts childish with me, but with grown people or his friends he acts grown. He still goes by the rules, but now he no longer has a curfew. Sometimes it starts a little argument between us, because he thinks he is grown, when he is really not grown yet.”

Gravely sometimes gets upset because of this disagreement, and this is not the only disadvantage of a sibling moving out.

“My mom is always giving me attention,” said Kendrick. “I don’t want the type of attention she gives me. She is always watching me!”

These four teenagers find that there are good things along with the bad things to being the only child at home after your siblings go on to college. Most of their ideas revolve around the space and attention that come with being the only child in the house. Most conclude that not having to share room and bathroom space outweighs the responsibility of having to clean the house or getting unwanted attention.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • More money- Z’hane Watson
  • Not having someone to talk to about my life problems- Tyra Gipson
  • I get more clothes and shoes- Aniya Kendrick
  • Quiet household-Destini Gravely
  • No one to get on my nerves- Destini Gravely
  • Mama watching me all the time- Aniya Kendrick
  • My own room- Tyra Gipson
  • I have to clean the Whole House- Z’hane Watson.
  • Don’t have to share- Aahron Young
  • Get bored easily- Aahron Young
  • Spoiled easily- Diamond Jones
  • No people to learn or get advice from- Diamond Jones
  • Less arguments- Ma’kayla Gray
  • Always Alone- Ma’kayla Gray
  • More Attention- Tanyra Blackmon
  • Less freedom- Tanyra Blackmon