HQ Trivia captures students’ attention


Eliot Fuller, Staff Writer

When the clock hits 2 pm in the afternoon, millions of Americans get online to play one of the hottest games of the year, HQ Trivia. Hosted by comedian Scott Rogowsky, the online game asks players a series of trivia questions, which increase in difficulty as the game goes on. Each game features 12 questions, and players can play along and answer on their phones or tablets. If you answer all 12 questions correctly, you win a grand prize of $2,500, or split it between other winners. There are two games every day, one at 2 pm and one at 8 pm.

The game has generated a lot of buzz and many students play on a daily basis. One student, Elijah Ballard, Junior, says he plays often.

“When all my friends hang out, we get to all play together and compete in the same game,” Ballard said.

Ballard says he has a high score of nine, meaning he answered nine questions in a row before getting one wrong and being eliminated.

“My heart was rushing as I was coming close to the jackpot,” Ballard said.

Selena Lewis, senior, also plays HQ daily.

“It’s really popular,” Lewis said. “You can win a lot of money.”

Although Lewis plays often, she explained that she has not experienced a lot of success with the online game.

“I never got past the third question,” she said, laughing.

Despite this, Lewis still believes the game is not just fun, but also helpful for students.

“It helps you learn a lot of facts that I never knew,” Lewis said.

Even freshmen are playing play HQ Trivia, like Nate Martin. Martin believes the game’s popularity in our school is on the rise.

“It’s kind of growing,” Martin explained. “More people play it now than before.”

Martin is just one of the millions of people who get online every day to play the game. He explained that it is one of his favorite games to play.

“The only problem is that once you lose you can’t play for another six hours,” Martin said.