King expresses emotions in music


Xavier Thomas, Staff Writer

When artists such as SoFaygo, SSGKOBE and Baby Santana recognize your music, you stand a good chance of making an impact on the world using your music. Grant King, senior, also known as Sony King, finds himself in this position and is working to raise more awareness of his music.

 “I have an outlet to talk about how I feel sometimes because like on my last solo tape I had like a whole sad song type thing,” King said. “It was just me putting my emotions out there.”

Music has really impacted King’s life for the better as he has found a way to express himself. 

 “I just got into music over quarantine summer 2020, I was just writing music to type beats so I could just get into doing it because I always wanted to do it so then I was just doing that and then eventually I just started recording it and now I’m doing this,” King said.

King has made plenty of songs, but there is one that has been standing out the most out of the rest. From this song he has felt an acceptance in the music community. 

“The first time was when ‘Lois Lane’ hit like 1,000 plays in like a week,” King said. “That was like my first song to go big That was really crazy to me.And the second is when I dropped my song ‘Back to You.’ It’s doing pretty well for dropping for like a month and I think people will really like it.” 

King has been getting support from his friends and one of them he’s been getting support from is Reina Nadal, senior. Nadal is a close friend of King and has been supporting him on his music journey.  

“I’m really proud of Grant and his music career and seeing him grow from where he started is amazing,” Nadal said. “No cap though his beginning music was not really that good but after he made ‘Lois Lane’ was when I realized his music was good and he can only get better from there.”

King looks to make a name out of himself in the future venturing off into other subjects. 

I would love to get into fashion eventually, maybe acting,” King said. “I’m not a good actor, but something could happen.”

But no matter what, his friends are going to stick by his side. If it’s music, fashion or acting, his friends are going to support him. 

“I think Grant could make it within a few years if he keeps working hard,” Nadal said. “I believe he has a talent. I feel like he can make his mark in the music industry.”