Mainstream media influences teens

Leanne Whitney, Guest Writer

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When you tune out of the real world and into your headphones, you are signing up for much more than just a simple way to relax. If you solely listen to mainstream music, you are in for a big surprise.

Mainstream pop, hip hop and rock often objectify and degrade women, glorify casual sex and encourage violence and drug use.

Niles Jackson, freshman, believes that the music most kids listen to influences them to do things they don’t want to do. He does, however, think that mainstream songs can be positive and encourage positive behavior as well.

There are popular artists like J. Cole who write songs like “Be Free” in attempt to open the eyes of their viewers so that they are able to see problems within society. Such artists are trying to make a positive change in their behavior.

However, in the popular song “You don’t even know it” by Rick Ross, he strongly suggests date rape if a girl won’t willingly go home with you. You can easily see how this could be interpreted by teens: that women are just meant for sex and are at the disposal of men.

”Some people let it influence them and some people just want music to listen to,” Donte Ball, sophomore, said. “It really depends on the person.”

It is easy to see that every teen is not subject to this brainwashing, but if one listens to this music more often than not, it could potentially influence their behavior.

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Mainstream media influences teens