New club teaches students about financial skills and investing

Xavier Thomas, Staff Writer

Dani Wasserman, freshman, has big plans for your money. If you have ever been interested in investing money, they want to show you how. All you have to do is join the Investment Club.

  “Students are able to learn real world financial skills and broaden their knowledge in the finance field in order to have more career opportunities in the future,” Wasserman said.

And they are working on getting sponsors to donate money to help students get started.

“The money for the account is coming from various donors,” Yazdi said. “The money that is profited from the account will go towards future Investment Club social events and endeavours.”

Not only did Wasserman start this club, but she is also the president and is looking forward to teaching students about financial skills and investing, with an eye to the future.

“Inspiring people to learn about investments and financial literacy will help them succeed in the future,” Wasserman said.

As far as the future of the club, Wasserman wishes to expand it and work with other schools.

“[I want to] get corporate sponsorships, and have guest speakers who are leaders in their field of investments,” Wasserman said.

Some of the things that will be happening later on will also come with the help from Patrick Gilligan, English teacher, who is the sponsor. Gilligan has been a support for Wasserman in starting the club.

 “I’ve loved seeing how passionate Dani is about creating this opportunity for herself and her classmates,” Gilligan said. “Dani’s the real force behind the group and I’m just here to try to assist and encourage her. It’s really invigorating to see and be a part of a student’s effort to create a positive change for the school.”

Wasserman doesn’t just have a good relationship with Gilligan, but also with one of the club members Yazdi.

 “Dani is an amazing leader,” Yazdi said. “She’s really the glue behind the club. She is so sweet, intelligent, and fun to work with. I have known Dani for years, so I am very grateful to be working with her. She is such a hard worker, and it really shows in the work she produces.”

Wasserman has wanted to do this ever since she was a kid.

“From a young age, I have been interested in business and investments and I participated in an investment club in middle school,” Wasserman said. “I know that there are many benefits to learning about how and why to invest at a young age and I would like to share this knowledge with others. I also want to help motivate and incentivise others to begin investing once they learn the basics of investing and financial literacy.”

Because of the Gamestop trading incident in late January, anyone interested in investing could learn a few important lessons about inflating the price of stock.

Gilligan believes the aftermath of the incident is game changing.

“I’m not sure the Reddit users who caused the surge in GameStop’s stock prices were being wise or responsible, but I also think Robinhood’s actions in response show why so many people think Wall Street is set up primarily to serve the rich and powerful,” Gilligan said. “The investors from the Reddit group seem like they are on a suicide mission that might harm everyone, so I can see why some action had to be taken. They also taught us how self-serving and ruthless Wall Street can be.”