Powder puff game ends in tie

Grace Klein , Staff Writer

Every year the junior and senior girls face off in a friendly match against each other to raise awareness for breast cancer, but this year it was to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. 

“It’s usually in October for breast cancer, but we missed it this year, so now it’s Alzheimers awareness for November,” said Rhyan Haynes, junior.  “There are some players who have family members who suffer from it, so it’s a good way for them to get their minds off of it.” 

The game ended with a tie, with Ayanna Williams scoring a touchdown for the seniors, and Kristen Thompson scoring one for the juniors. Thompson and Williams are both part of the track team and  their teammates agreed that they made the difference. 

“It was fun even though we only had 9 players,” said Williams, senior. “I played hard, got really dirty and fell a lot.” 

The seniors were noticeably outnumbered with the juniors having 20 players. Despite having few players, the seniors still feel they gave it their all and came together as a team. 

“Our team work was fantastic and we overcame the obstacle that was given to us of having so few players,” said Angela Smith, senior. “We dominated with just enough.”

The juniors, with it being their first year playing the powder puff game, felt they had their own disadvantage as well; inexperience. They as well, used their team comradery to overcome this challenge. 

“I feel like we all got along well but we didn’t really know what we were doing though,” said Annie Rhoades, junior. “I still had a great time.