Spanish teacher uses food as teaching tool

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Spanish teacher uses food as teaching tool

Jaylen Williams, Staff Writer

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Do the words paella, moles, and ceviche ring a bell? If not, it may be because ordinary people rarely venture out and try other Hispanic foods outside of the usual Mexican food. There are more than 20 Hispanic countries with amazing food, and Eve Abaray’s Spanish 4 class has made it their mission to expand their horizons.

Abaray uses food as a weapon to teach subjunctive commands to her Spanish 4 class.

“They learn to translate and make recipes and recite them aloud using the subjunctive form,” said Abaray.

After students master the subjunctive commands, Abaray rewards them with a little treat.

“I challenge my Spanish 4 class to find food items from these countries that they think they can cook or at least describe the recipes and I bring some, of course,” said Abaray.

Devin Collins, senior, accepted the challenge and made a dish.

“I brought churros, and I  have never made churros before but I thought the whole process was pretty cool,” said Collins.

Eventually he wowed his classmates with his churros, but Collins had a slight confession to make about the process leading up to it.

“Even though it’s a fairly simple dish, I have never done it before and I actually burned my first two churros,” said Collins.

The day everyone brought their food, Spanish 5 students were invited to share.

“This year was better than last year because everyone participated in cooking and bringing food, but our food was actually better last year,” said Jacelynn Allen, senior. “I made guacamole, the student teacher made Spanish rice and Ms. Abaray made Mexican sausage and tortilla espanola.”


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