Students struggle through halls


Carl Sechrist, Web Editor

It’s no secret that it can be difficult to navigate the hallways in the morning and during passing periods, especially if one needs to walk all the way across the building. The major problem seems to be students who stop at inappropriate spots.

“The hallways are big enough to let everyone through; there are just people who stand still,” said senior Daniel Politte.

In certain areas, students who stop to socialize during the passing period often cause serious impediments to others who just want to pass through.

“The traffic is worst on the stairs to the third floor, in the main hall and the stairs to the cafeteria,” said senior Camisha Luellen. “Kids like to sit on the stairs in the morning, “which is really ridiculous and annoying.”

Unfortunately there isn’t really a good way to help alleviate traffic in those zones as the main stairs are by far the easiest way to get to different floors of the building.

“Almost all the steps are always crowded,” said Freeman. He said that he will often encounter students who see someone on the stairs and just stop to talk.

Freshman Heavyn Jennings suggests that traffic flow would be better if there were “more teachers trying to keep kids moving.”

Jennings also said that part of the difficulty is that some students just don’t care about getting themselves to class expediently and subsequently don’t care about the students who may wish to do so.

Similar to the enforcement of the ID policy, a teacher or faculty assistant could try to keep students moving along, but Luellen believes that “a traffic conductor would be ridiculous and…everyone would just get [really annoyed].”

If that can’t happen, “at least be aware of the other kids around you who do want to get to class,” said Jennings.