Teens need strategies to reduce stress

Charya Young, Staff Writer

With seven different subjects to get through a week, teens often find themselves stressed over things like school assignments, college applications, caring for younger siblings, expectations from parents/peers and sleep schedules. Student can be so busy throughout the school year that if causes their mental, and even physical, health to crumble. But there are ways to balance school/home life and keeping your mind healthy.

“[Teens] have problems that are often dismissed and they have so much going on in their personal lives,” Merav Portman, freshman, said. “They aren’t taught how to balance it all.”

There are a number of activities or hobbies students can try to help keep their mental health stable. Reducing the amount of time individuals spend on technology and social media is an effective way to help keep anxiety and strain from a teen’s school/home life.

“If today’s teenagers are going to take care of themselves, they have to first be able to step away from technology,” Erin Bratkowski, English teacher, said. “Not because technology is bad, but sometimes is the outlet that causes stress and drama.”

Teens often turn to bad habits, such as drugs or alcohol, to manage difficult situations that they go through throughout their day-to-day life. But there are more positive alternatives to take up that will do your mental health, and body, good in the long run.

“Talk to a friend, listen to music, journal, walk or get other exercise, make art,” said Heather Fullerton, Wrap Around Services Building Director. “The options are endless. Spend time helping at a homeless shelter or animal rescue or children’s home. You’ll feel a sense of purpose and a sense of gratitude.”

Another way students can better care for their mental health can be caring for your body and making sure that hygiene is a priority. Although it may be a little expensive, taking a ‘self-care day’ filled with skin and hair care treatments can help ease stress. It also doesn’t hurt to share this stress-reliever with friends and other people that you trust.

“Use home remedies like Aloe Vera based products to moisturize your skin and rice water for your hair,”Shadonna Robinson, junior, said. “Surround yourself with good friends and make sure you’re around people you’re comfortable with.”