1940s jersey returns to U. City


Kamarra Williams

Matthew Daniels, St. Louis native, arrived Sept. 6 to return an antique piece of clothing. Matthew kept a 1940s era football jersey belonging to William Cybert since high school and thought it belonged back here.

“It’s just an artifact and history of the school; it’s nice to return it home,” Daniels said. 

Daniels stated he was 80% sure the jersey belonged to William Cybert, a football player that played at U. City and who he called a “spectacular football player.”

“He played here then the family moved to Webster where he played. Then he ended up playing football for Washington University,” Daniels said. 

Soon after showing everyone the jersey, U. City football player Jaden Woods, junior, met Daniels and took pictures with the jersey, as head coach Derrick Colquitt identified him as a key player to the team. 

“It felt great to hold up like an evolution of U. City,” Woods said.