Annual college fair attracts almost 100 students

Ariyanna Wilkes, Staff Writer

On Oct. 26, 2022, U. City students got the chance to attend the annual college fair, hosted in the school’s library. Our counseling staff – April Lawrence, Theresa Covington, Kimberly Merrill, and Melvin Bond – invited around 20 different colleges and programs, including the Army National Guard and the St. Louis County Fire Academy, to come out during first and third hour and give students a better idea of what their futures could entail.

“This was a great opportunity for our students, especially those who wouldn’t have the [chance] to talk with a college or visit a college,” Ms. Covington, A-G counselor, said.

There were about 100 students, from all grade levels, who were able to attend the program at the library. Here are some of their comments:

“I liked SIU Carbondale (Southern Illinois University), because they don’t charge for out-of-state tuition and they have a soccer team.” -Theo Sharp, senior

“I feel like going around to visit all the colleges made me wanna do more with my life, honestly. It made me see that there is more in life and I can be a better me.” -Kimmora Edwards, senior

“I talked to plenty of schools. SIU Carbondale [stuck out], because I’m getting recruited there for football, and they have a pretty good computer science program. I already know where I want to go but it was good to get other information because sometimes [ colleges] are better somewhere else. Overall it was a good experience.” -Jordan Sleet, senior

“It was interesting and helpful; I learned a lot about colleges. The firefighters caught my attention because if you become one, you can get a lot of benefits.” -Mekhail Mcafee, junior