Choir students strive for success at districts

Julian Albright, Web Editor

In just a couple short days, students from the metro area will sing their hearts out, and have a chance at, possibly, one of the biggest accomplishments of their lives. Fifteen U. City students will audition for the St. Louis Suburban All District Choir on Sat. Oct. 1.


     For the auditions to be All Suburban, students will prepare a prescribed solo in classical nature, which is Italian language. They will also have to know and identify all major key signatures, perform melodic sight reading and harmonic sight reading. This is singing a selection for the first time with no accompaniment (someone else) or music behind them. This is also known as a capella.


     Phoebe Thoroughman, sophomore, qualified this year and will be her first time auditioning for the All Suburban Choir. She is very excited and is honored to participate in such an experience.


     “I’m a little nervous, but really I’m excited,” said Thoroughman.


     She believes she’s very prepared.

     “I was All Suburban Band in middle school so I’m used to it [the audition process],” said Thoroughman.

     Confidence will be a useful tool because this process can be stressful and nerve racking. It can impact some of the qualifiers.


     “When you first start everyone is going to freak out and mess up,” said Thoroughman. “Usually you do auditions and think you did horrible but you actually do okay.”