City lights shine on prom


Eliot Fuller and Ian Feld , Staff writers

At approximately 7 pm, students began to shuffle in for a “City Lights” themed prom at Windows on Washington. They were greeted with lights strung from the ceiling, elegant decorations, a DJ and much more. There was a feeling of celebration and comradery in the air as students rushed to greet each other, take selfies, and dance with friends. With songs like “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and “Shoot” by BlocBoy JB, the dance floor was always packed.   

Many promgoers, such as senior Denise Washington, enjoyed the last prom of their high school experience.  

“The best part was definitely the dancing,” Washington said. “We all bonded on the dance floor.”

Her friend, senior Cabria Shelton, had the most fun once prom was actually over.

“[Prom] was cool, but the afterparty was better,” Shelton said.

Tyreese Jones, senior, liked the atmosphere that prom brought.

“I enjoyed the vibe, a lot of people were turned up, and there were a lot of people interacting with each other and complementing each other.”

Jones was proud of the way everyone handled the night, acknowledging their etiquette.   

“Things were well organized, and people were being very mature,” he said. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience.”

For other students, it was their first prom. Junior Nicole Kellogg was one of the first to arrive at prom, and found that her expectations were exceeded.

“I expected to just go and eat and dance a bit with friends,” she said. “But there was way more dancing than I expected.”

Kellogg went with her friend Annie Rhodes, junior. Rhodes felt the pressure of prom, but thought it was worth the time, energy and effort.

“At least once people should go all out, because it’s really fun,” she said. “And even if you don’t, it can still be fun.”  

As the night continued, the music stopped, as it was time to announce the senior prom king and queen. For the first time ever, there was no junior court. At half past 9 o’clock, Elijah Ballard and Logan Black took home the royal crowns, capping off an eventful night.

Following the much-anticipated prom court announcement, the room began to clear out as students made for the exit, anxious to continue the night out with friends. Whether it was going to an afterparty, eating at a restaurant or simply hanging out at someone’s house, nearly everyone had plans.  

“It ended up being a really cool night,” Jones said. “My class made me proud.”