Face the music


Lucy Wurst, Co-editor

The band, orchestra, choir and jazz band gifted the district with music-filled events in early December. The band and orchestra performed on Thurs., Dec. 1 and the choir and jazz band played on Sat., Dec. 3.
“I think that splitting up the concerts was bittersweet,” said Destiny Moore, junior and 1st violinist in the orchestra. “We have to miss out on seeing four groups play and see their talents, but it was also time consuming for the players and parents.”
The band played three songs, “Ghosts of Taman Negara,” “Blazing Clarinets,” and “Jolly Old Saint Nick Goes Dancing.” Tyann Scales, junior, has played the cymbals and Timpani since eighth grade.
“The ghost song was my favorite because I played Timpani on it and it was exciting because it had loud parts and soft parts and a nice rhythm,” said Scales.
The orchestra this year is the largest it’s been. It is made up of two cellos, two violas, four second violins and five first violins.
“The orchestra has grown in the past few years, it’s still growing,” said Jasmin Pointer, senior and 1st violinist. “The orchestra needs to continue to grow because the full sound hasn’t come in yet.”


Photos by Lucy Wurst and Rebecca Rico

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