First annual Freshman Kickback welcomes class of ’26

Xavier Thomas, Web Editor


Freshman entered the building for the first time Wednesday, August 17 for our first annual Freshman Kickback and felt right at home.

Class of ‘26 celebrated with food, Q&A, and a school tour. Freshman toured around the school with teachers and seniors who showed them what it’s like to be a UCHS student. They were also able to see their friends again and meet some of the teachers who volunteered to help with the event.

“[I enjoyed] getting to see who was going to go to the school from last year and my friends,” Lyla Stewart, freshman, said.

The event was organized by Dr. Samuel Martin, Coordinator Student Transition and Strategic Partnership, who felt the event ran smoothly. Students were dancing, participating in the raffle ticket contest, eating food provided by the school and socializing with friends. 

“It was an enjoyable experience,” Martin said. “I enjoyed the energy of the 9th graders. It was great to connect with them. I think it was unique because parents got to participate to a certain extent and upperclassmen did a great job leading the way.”