Grecian Paradise

Prom ends in tribute to Prince with ‘Purple Rain’

Kathryn Fuller and Lucy Wurst

After hours of preparation and months of anticipation, prom finally arrived. On April 23, students arrived fashionably late to Windows on Washington for what some think of as the best night of their high school years.

Overall, students thought this year’s prom was a success and exceeded their expectations.

“Prom was a lot more fun than I expected,” said Tervin Dailey, senior.

Josh Mayfield enjoyed his last dance with his friends as a senior in high school.

“I was on the dance floor non-stop and had a fantastic time,” Mayfield said.

Several students thought prom night met their standards but others found flaws. The food was one of the disappointments.

“I didn’t pay $65 for cheese and crackers,” Mayfield said.

Imani Gleason, senior, thought that even though she bought her dress two days before prom, she still looked good.

“I slayed at prom,” Gleason said.

The night ended on a high note, paying tribute to the late Prince. As the prom queen and king were announced, they played his famous song, “Purple Rain,” and for the first dance as the newly crowned court took to the dance floor.

“Before Ajhonee [Morris] told me she had never heard ‘Purple Rain’ but when they played it, she sang every word,” said Isaiah Watson, junior. He and Morris won the junior prince and princess. “The moment they played that song, it made everything surreal.”