Hazelwood touchdowns fuel negativity

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Hazelwood touchdowns fuel negativity

Julian Albright, Web Editor

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     The afternoon of Sat. Aug. 20 was the first time the football Lions took the home field since their elimination from sectionals last October. To go along with the humid and cloudy weather, U. City went down 0-14 after the first quarter. After five fumbled snaps, a few interceptions, and two illegal procedure calls, the Lions eventually lost to Hazelwood East 61-6

The gloomy mood was set when Hazelwood started the game off with a touchdown on the first play of the game. The Lions fought back hard. With a number of quarterback sacks, the defense was able to hold off East for a little while. However, just when it started to look like U City was getting a stop, there would be a defensive breakdown.

     Deion Williams, junior cornerback, said that one of the biggest problems was “definitely communication.”

     Whether it was the defense or the coaches, the team wasn’t talking and this led to more Hazelwood points.

“The biggest problem was everybody’s attitude after they scored on the opening kickoff because everybody came out with a good attitude but that [touchdown] screwed it up,” said Jonathan York, junior lineman. “They had a good attitude, and we didn’t”

On the other hand, Jason Knight, junior running back, took a more logical approach and said that the biggest problem was the line, not blocking.

Knight was also a hero of sorts by scoring the only touchdown of the game to save U. City from being shut out.

“It felt good,” said Knight. “So we wouldn’t get the mercy rule.”



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