Hundreds attend first U. City pumpkin stroll


Albert Smith

During the afternoon carving session, Cameron Martin (left) and Maxine Adams (right), juniors, work together to carve a pumpkin for the evening’s events.

Instead of a traditional Halloween this year, on Oct. 24 University City School District hosted a socially distanced pumpkin stroll on the U.City track fit for pandemic protocols. Kids and adults alike were able to wear their Halloween costumes and socialize while enjoying a stroll through a trail of carved and glowing pumpkins.

According to Christopher Blumenhorst, consultant to University City School District, around 200 pumpkins were on display at the stroll. He also said between 500 and 600 people attended it.

There were a lot of families with young children and elderly people, it was a very large turnout,” Blumenhorst said.

To prepare for the event, the district distributed about 700 pumpkins ahead of time for people to carve and bring back to the pumpkin stroll. They also sponsored a carving event at the high school earlier in the day on Oct. 24. Fifty to 60 people came to carve their pumpkins. Those who brought pumpkins to the event were able to reclaim them during the next week. 

 “I liked the BLM and ACAB pumpkins and also all of the ones you could tell were made by really little kids because they were just random shapes and designs,” Lucy Rhoades, sophomore, said.

Rhoades also thought that it was a nice way to bring everyone together while also staying safe. She added that it was really fun seeing some people from school that she hadn’t seen in a long time. Lucy Dobslaw, freshman, enjoyed spending quality time with friends.

 “One of my favorite pumpkins was one that was carved to say Biden Harris 2020, and my other favorite one was just a simple cat,” Lucy Dobslaw, freshman, said.

Blumenhorst said that all of the families he talked to seemed to be having a great time. Since this event was so popular, the administration is thinking of making it an annual event, even under normal circumstances in the future.