JROTC combines discipline and fun for field day

Nasra Artan

JROTC is predominantly known for their hard work and discipline, but every now and then the cadets like to have fun. Part of how they do that is throwing the annual field day. 

This year’s field day was held on the U. City football field and organized by the U.S. Coast Guard with the help of Master Sergeant Stewart. But the Coast Guard wasn’t the only branch there; the Air Force was also able to come and support.

“[JROTC] is beneficial because in high school I know that people only pushed college and I didn’t know much about the military or any of the benefits that it had until I got out,” Airman First Class Roach said.

JROTC offers cadets many opportunities to explore careers in and out of the military, such as being able to learn about aerospace careers through an Airforce sponsored STEM program, field trips to Scott Airforce Base, and finding incentive flights for dedicated upcoming young pilots. 

 “I think the program gives students a headstart on getting some discipline and structure,” Senior Airman Baustista said.

“Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do” are the Airforce core values that are implemented into every U. City cadet. 

“Field day was a combination of events” Colonel Robert Jakcsy said. “We started the day out with our physical fitness test that we have to take twice annually. After that was done the Army National guard brought out an inflatable obstacle course for the cadets to try out and compete with one another.” 

The National Guard helped with many competitions including the relay race. 

“In addition to that [inflatable obstacle course], they brought a tug-of-war rope so that the girls could beat the boys and show them how it’s done- which they did,” Colonel Jakcsy said.

The cadets often like to participate in friendly competitions, but the girls took the win.

“It was bound to happen because the boys are weak. Girl power!” Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Deonna Bryant said.