Latin Club hosts new convention to build community


Lucy Wurst, Co-editor

U. City experienced another first this year when the Latin Club hosted a convention, called the Gateway Classics Convention, on Sat., Feb. 4.
High school Latin students from Clayton and John Burroughs came to compete in a variety of activities in hopes of developing a stronger sense of community amongst area students studying Latin.
The event was planned by the Latin Club with co-presidents Leah Zukosky and Rowan Hoel, sophomores, taking the lead. They determined the schedule, planned the activities and listed the necessary supplies.
“It was really stressful, Rowan and I spent a ton of time planning and trying to make the festival perfect.” said Zukosky. “Whenever anything didn’t go the way I thought or the plan changed, I freaked out.”
Activities included a costume contest where students picked a historical figure or mythological creature and used given supplies to mimic that person. Students also participated in Latin pictionary where groups drew pictures and team members guessed the Latin word that went along with the drawing.

Along with impromptu face painting where students depicted a latin related figure on their partners face. Lastly, certamen ran throughout the whole event. Certamen is a Latin quiz bowl, where students are divided into two teams and asked a variety of Latin and mythology questions.
“ I strongly believe that students get the most out of school when they get the opportunity to do things for themselves,” said Matthew Tuths, Latin teacher. “It was awesome that I could step back and count on them to put together this convention.”
Tuths hopes to expand the convention each year by getting more students involved.
“I had such a fun time from start to finish, and I think I can safely say that this was true for all attendees, both students and teachers,” said Tuths. “It was just a great group of people and our students planned engaging activities that made everyone