Academic Awards Banquet


Emily Looby, Staff Writer

Every year, students that have exemplified academic excellence are honored at the end of May. This year was a little bit different; instead of just honors being awarded, a dinner was also served. Andre’s Banquets and Catering provided the meal for this year’s ceremony. There were mixed reviews about the meal served at the ceremony. The event ended with the Instructional Team Leaders in each department distributing the Department Awards.

Bev Frazier: Raeneisha Nichols
UCHS Reunion Scholarship: Aun’Yiea Watson, Ursula Monaghan, Terris Talton
Joe Hale: Ursula Monaghan
Thomas McConnell: Devonye Clerk
Leo McKinney: Derrion Lambert
Erica Mosley Volunteerism Award: Radazaih Whittington
Miniwanca Leadership: Molly Paterson, Izaac Tobias, Reneise White, Deja Bowie
Virginia Dicus Award: Ursula Monaghan
Sue Shear Young: Grace Deitzler
Herff Jones Lion: Allie Hines
National Merit Finalist: Anna Soifer
Nation Merit Scholar: Ethan Farber
St. Louis Graduates Scholarship: Daniel Politte, Taylor Easley
86th District Outstanding Student: Radazaih Whittington

Book Awards:
Cornell University: Reneise White
Harvard College: Marlynna Blumer
Northwestern University: Molly Paterson
University of Penn.: Deja Bowie
Tuskegee University: Gianni Cook

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