Over 100 students attend dance despite cold weather


Kai Gover, Staff Writer

After defeating Clayton in the game that afternoon, over a hundred students and staff members embraced another Homecoming Dance the evening of Oct. 15. Students arrived at the Balson doors and made their way to the Lion’s Den where they would take up the sweet adventure and thrill of Candyland. Students were welcomed by friends and staff as they spent time dancing, socializing and enjoying their night. Many arrived in their best fashion and dressed to impress despite the cold temperatures.

“I enjoyed having Homecoming outside in the Lion’s Den,” Joseph Robinson, sophomore, said. “Everyone was able to fit and enjoy themselves. The 360 camera was also a great addition to the dance and so were the heaters because it was a little chilly outside. The heaters gave students a chance to embrace the heat and still have fun.”

The Class of 2024 hosted students and decorated the space with overhead LED lights, chalk on the walls of the Natatorium, confetti and stencils around the dance floor. Even the DJ’s table had decorations of its own. 

“The students and I worked hard to get everything ready and decorated for the dance,” Marian Reed, librarian, said. “We were so focused on getting the environment ready for students to come and enjoy themselves we even had to do last minute runs to stores just for decorations. But overall the dance was unique, and I think the students enjoyed it.”

Since Homecoming was moved outside a few years ago, weather has always been a concern as many students feared that it would hold them back from enjoying themselves at the dance. However that was not the case with the help of heaters. 

“The weather wasn’t that bad, and the heaters were a nice addition,” Zoe White, senior class president, said. “It made the Lion’s den a lot more comfortable and warm for students to enjoy themselves. I think students liked it because even though it was a little chilly, students were standing around the heaters and still enjoying themselves.”

Many attendees felt the dance helped build a strong bond between students and staff members, as chaperones voluntarily signed up to help. 

“Overall this year’s dance experience was great,” Sarah Smelser, art teacher, said. “I volunteer every year, but I missed last year. I enjoyed it from the lights and decorations to the 360 camera, which I thought was great at the dance because it gave the students a cool thing to participate in and enjoy with their friends. To come back to this year’s dance was great.”