Pep rally fires students up for weekend


Christine Politte, Web Editor/Associate Editor

The halls were awash with black and gold as students with paw prints, U’s, and team numbers painted on their faces spent the day focusing more on the upcoming weekend than their schoolwork. The excitement built all day and rose to a crescendo as the pep rally kicked off the three-day homecoming weekend Sept. 18.

The event began with the entrance of the marching band and the Golden Girls, who performed to the cheers of students watching from above. Teachers stood around the edges of the bleachers, chatting with each other or watching the proceedings, stone-faced.

After a performance by the cheerleaders, complete with cartwheels and pyramids, the sports teams were called up one by one to say a few words, most calling out graduation years to a chorus of cheers and boos. Student council and class officers were sworn in, and then students from each class were called down to the floor for a basketball shooting contest.

“The half court shot was cool,” said Brandon Scott, senior. However, he lamented that his class might have been more successful if he had participated.

Scott also enjoyed the tug-of-war, especially between the cross country and soccer teams. The cross country team yanked the rope hard and then let go, sending the soccer team crashing to the floor.

“We knew we were gonna lose, so we had to think about a way to win by outsmarting them,” said cross country co-captain Derrick Freeman, senior.

A few minutes before 2:20, students were released from the gym, fired up for the upcoming parade, football game and dance.

“It was a lot more energetic this year,” said Tave Hollins, junior. “This pep rally was the best one in all [since] I’ve been here.”