Pep rally focuses on inclusive skill-based events

Albert Smith, Staff Writer

On the day of the Homecoming pep rally, the halls were filled with black and gold and that spilled out to the football field in the afternoon. 

“That was the most black and gold I’ve seen in this school,” Darielle Morris, student council sponsor,said. “That week is all about the students so I’m more lenient with their decisions.” 

Plenty of competitions were planned for students, including a relay race, musical chairs, trivia and tug of war. As a participant in musical chairs Parker Overlin, junior, saw his loss as a massive win.

 “Even though I got cheated out of a win, it was cool doing it in front of the entire school,” Overlin said. “You’d think it’d be scary, but it was really fun. 

With an hour and a half to build hype, student council picked skill-based events so that it would be as inclusive as possible, according to Michael Simmons, junior class vice-president, said.  

“The events incorporated students of each class and students who you typically wouldn’t see together cooperate,” Simmons said.