Prom 2023: Met Gala

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Mekhai Gover, senior and Prom King, dances while his friends cheer him on. Kehari Evans, senior, was one of those friends. “My favorite part about promwas the long dresses, because it had me play twister,” Evans said. “My other favorite part of prom was watching my best friend win Prom King.”

Xavier Thomas, Web Editor

A night to remember was the Met Gala-themed prom at the Mahler Ballroom. The ballroom was decorated with a red carpet and big chandelier for students to wear their flashiest and unique suits and dresses. The DJ greeted students with songs from artists like Glorilla, Lil Durk, Nardick Wick and more. This all wouldn’t have been possible without the planning of student council class of 2023 and their sponsors April Lawrence, counselor, and Stephenie Davenport, admin secretary, to make a memorable night.

“Planning prom was a lot but wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be because we have an amazing team of stucco members,” Candace Weeden, senior, said. “Our sponsors definitely helped us out ,because they did a lot of the reaching out to the different venues and food places.”

With there being two sponsors for the class of 2023, they were able to help each other out with planning while also staying organized.

“It’s two of us so it kind of takes off the workload because you have two people doing it, so one person can take on a certain task and another can take on a different task,” Lawrence said. “So it’s kind of like a tag team.”

Prom is one of the last big events all seniors can attend together to spend time as an entire class. Many found that the event was bittersweet for this reason Seniors were able to celebrate and dance with each other regardless. 

“It was my first prom, and it was a really great experience,” Shelisha Davis, senior, said.

Per tradition, juniors attended alongside the seniors. for the first time. They were able to come together and dance with no issues. 

“Prom was all right,” Gabriella Carvajal, junior, said. “I had fun. Less people came than I expected, but the music was good and it was nice.”

Prom was a night to remember for U. City juniors and seniors as friends could come together and share one last special event with each other.

“Getting to hang out with friends, socializing and taking pictures in the photo booth were my favorite parts,” Weeden said.”