‘Royal Ball’ crowns court for first time

Junior and senior AF-ROTC cadets take leadership role in planning military ball

Nicole Holahan, Staff Writer

After attending Gateway STEM High School’s military ball earlier this year, the AF-JROTC cadets were inspired to add some new activities to their event held at Clayton Plaza Hotel on February 4. The event was organized by the junior and senior cadets, who chose the food, theme, decorations and games.

One of the new activities included the crowning of a court. Dominic Bryant and Angela Smith won as the sophomore prince and princess, Tyreese Smith-Spearman and Jordan McNeil were named the junior king and queen, and Tyreese Wynn and LaQuanda Anderson were the senior king and queen.

“I was pretty happy to be crowned and the fact that they said it was a close call for the sophomores and seniors but not the juniors,” said McNeal. “I was relieved that I was called but I wasn’t really worried because I had so many supporters.”
Another event added was a new version of a scavenger hunt where 10 people brought their chairs out onto the floor and were then told to go find an object, like a brush, driver’s license or a sexy black heel. While the competitors were finding the objects, one chair would be removed and whoever was left standing was out. The last person sitting received $25 for winning the game.

During the first round, the last two people remaining were Dominic Bryant, sophomore, and Allecya Boulia, senior, and the object was a U. City school ID. Bryant and Boulia ended up wrestling for the only ID in the room and Boulia won in the end after knocking the chair down.

“Most people don’t bring their ID but one girl threw hers to Bryant and he dropped it,” said Boulia. “I just really wanted that $25.”

Col. Thomas Henson, AF-JROTC teacher, was impressed by the work the cadets put into the preparation of the event.

“I hope that the cadets feel well,” Henson said. “They did a great job and it worked out very well.