Seniors dominate powder puff


Lucy Wurst, Co-Editor

Students filed out to the football field in pink and white shirts on Monday, Oct. 30 and began warmups for the powder puff game, meant to raise awareness for breast cancer. The senior girls had confidence in their ability to win the game.

“I knew we were going to win from the beginning,” said Haley Rhiney, senior. “It was very intense and I ripped off three flags in the first five minutes.”

While both teams played a hard game, the seniors ended the game with a 14-7 win.

“My favorite part of the game was when Michelle (Shores) ran the ball down the field and scored a touchdown,” said Kathleen Murphy, senior. “I knew we were going to win, but it was still a good moment.”

The big moment was recognized by the fans, coaches and teammates cheering. Darrion Johnson, senior, rang his cow bell to celebrate the touchdown and the coaches and other teammates rushed the field. After the win, Haley Rhiney, senior, reflected on the plays made during the game.

“We weren’t very organized,” said Rhiney. “Even though we won, we could have scored more points.”

The game ended and both teams did cheers and celebrated. Logan Black, junior, still had fun even though her team lost.

“It brought me down that we lost,” said Black. “At the end I was still happy my seniors won.”