Students explore identity at Civil Rights exhibit

Kathryn Fuller, Co-editor

Students participating in the Man of Valor program went on a field trip on Oct. 5, to the Civil Rights exhibit at the Missouri History Museum.

The purpose of the field trip was for students to explore their identity as African American teens and have a greater understanding of how St. Louis played a role in the Civil Rights movement.

Before the tour of the exhibit, students did an interactive activity about bias.

“It was an eye-opening experience because I got to see the opinions for each side of the table,” said Alex Cunningham, senior.

During the tour, students were taught songs that Civil Rights activists would sing during protests and were shown artifacts from Ferguson. After the  museum, the group went to U. City Family Church which hosted lunch and the lead pastor led a discussion about the Civil Rights movement.

Man of Valor is founded on restorative justice and focuses on building relationships with adults at school.