Students stage Stockley protest


Julian Albright and Kaya Blount

As a result of the Jason Stockley acquittal, protests have erupted all over St. Louis, including a particularly destructive one in the Delmar Loop during the evening of Sept. 16.

Student leaders at U. City planned a peaceful protest on the morning of Sept. 18 in front of the school. As students arrived at school, they were free to join the protest or proceed to their first hour class.

“We’re protesting because we have so many black males being targeted by policemen, mainly white policemen, and they’re [the policemen] not getting punished,” Camil Ingram, junior, said. “We even have witnesses who see what’s happening, but the verdict is always “not guilty.” We need the system to change.”

Many dressed in black, held signs such as “Black Lives Matter” and chanting “No justice, no peace.” Students were joined by faculty who came to observe, and even by neighbors and others from the community, including small children, who came with homemade signs.

“We’re out here fighting for our rights. I like the fact that the protest has a lot of different races,” Biyedji Frango, junior. “It’s very diverse.”

As it became time for students to head to their second hour class, a few diverted east on Balson Ave. toward Christ the King Church where they were stopped.

After everyone returned to school, they were debriefed in the auditorium by student leaders and headed to class.