Students walk red carpet first day of school


Xavier Thomas, Web Editor

With the first day of school on August 22, the annual red carpet walk was held and welcomed students into the building. 

Teachers, alumni, and staff members came out to cheer on students as they entered the building for the first time in months.  Students were greeted with music, a performance by the golden girls and pictures taken of them and staff members to show U. City is home and a place to feel special.

“[Walking the red carpet] was good because most schools don’t do that; it was a unique thing for this school and everybody cheers you on,” Oliver Watt Hoven, junior, said.

This was also special for staff members as they were able to reunite with other teachers and students.

“First day of school was exciting to see. It was nice to welcome back all of the students from over the summer, the new freshman coming in and the new staff members.  It was amazing,” Marian Reed, librarian and alum, said.